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I74 Bridge

I74 bridge, also known as Iowa-Illinois Memorial bridge, was opened in 1935. The bridge connects Moline in Illinois to Bettendorf in Iowa over the mighty Mississippi river.

I74 bridge was a toll bridge initially and had only single span northbound. To satisfy traffic, a southbound span was added in 1959. However, the toll booth was closed in December 1969. The I74 was designed for crossing 48,000 vehicles per day. But, the average traffic is 80,000 per day and is expected to increase to over 100, 000 vehicles in the next ten years. The I74bridge has no shoulder currently and does not meet the Interstate roadways standard. It was rated one of the worst bridges in the United States by the Department of Transportation quality standards. Detailed Study revealed that the existing bridge is no longer safe for the public. A new bridge along with the ramps and Streets leading to the bridge are under construction.

New I74 Bridge

Are you ready for the Basket Handle True Arch Twin Bridge coming up soon. The new bridge is expected to be completed by 2020! A new I74 corridor is planned by the Department of Transportation of Illinois and Iowa. The I74 bridge is funded by Iowa state, Illinois state, Moline, and Bettendorf. The planning and design phase of the project have been presented and a major construction is under progress. As the initial measures, both Moline and Bettendorf are in the process of acquiring properties along the bridge. A major redesign of the roadways and businesses is planned on both sides of the river. Residents and businesses are optimistic about the new I74 bridge and are excited to see the ongoing progress!

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I74 Bridge Construction

The I74 bridge is going through crucial phase of building the approach spans, west bound viaduct, east bound viaduct, mainline, and ramps. Mussel relocation is under progress and is expected to be completed in Spring 2017. Contractors are getting together for bidding for the engineering masterpiece and prestigious project in the Quad Cities.

I74 General Plan

Source: Iowa DOT

Contractors can bid on the 8 mile long I74 corridor on single or joint projects. The three and half year project has four main contracts and thirteen other contracts. Iowa DOT has partnered with Bid Express for bidding management.

I74 General Plan1

Source: Iowa DOT

Contractors are required to register in the Iowa DBE and get certified. Approved suppliers can be found at MAPLE.iowadot.gov. Contractors are required to get all permits and certifications from the USCG, EPA, FAA, US Army Corp of Engineers, US Fisheries and Wildlife, Sovereign Lands Construction permit, and so on.

I74 General Plan2

Source: Iowa DOT

The I74 project has approval from EPA to work fifty feet either side of the proposed corridor. Contractors are authorized to work in approved areas and are provided with bathymetric survey of the river as part of supplementary documents. The Illinois side is shallow and has sensitive areas such as the Sylvan Island.

I74 General Plan3

Source: Iowa DOT

Illinois rules and regulations vary from Iowa and contractors are expected to get required permits on that side as well. The project is expected to be completed by Nov 2019 and the demolition and landscaping is targeted for Nov 2020. The DOT are aiming at smooth transition and traffic staging before the current bridge is demolished.

Construction Challenges

The project has numerous challenges with respect to the strict timelines and milestones. The DOT and EPA are encouraging the contractors to collaborate and complete the project in time to acquire the shared bonus special provisions. The authorities are willing to work with any contractor who may foresee delays and help them speed up within reasonable limits. Local sub contractors in the Quad Cities are highly optimistic about the project and are enthusiastic about the joint ventures.

Construction Updates

Date Update
March 2017
  • Pre-bid meeting
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April 2017
  • Notice to bidders
  • Electronic proposals and plans
  • Contract unit prices
May 2017
  • Projects 197 (River Bridge Approach Spans) and 198 (River Bridge Arch Spans) awarded to Lunda Construction Co. from Black River Falls, Wisconsin. They have constructed many bridges over rivers in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • Projects 199 and 260 (West Bound Iowa Viaduct) awarded to Helm Group Inc., D/B/A Civil Constructors, Inc. from Freeport, Illinois. They are experts in construction and have accomplished many local projects such as the Milan Beltway and Lock and Dam bridges.
June 2017
July 2017
  • New route for boaters. Watch out for posted warnings.
  • IDOT awarded the reconstruction of Illinois side of I-74 from the Mississippi River to 7th Avenue in Moline to Wisconsin based Kraemer North America, LLC
  • Bridge construction update public meeting in Davenport and Moline
August 2017
  • Pier 19 started. Cofferdams in place. Concrete footings laid out.
  • Construction work along I-74 just north of John Deere Road begins.
  • Dredging begins in the river over the south pier.
  • Drilling starts for test caisson
  • Excavating trees and preparing for the road closures in Moline
September 2017
  • Testing of the mock pier successful.
  • New traffic routes in Moline's 7th Avenue.
October 2017
  • Building the piers continues.
  • Sanitary Sewer relocation on 19th Street.
  • IDOT awards contract to the lowest bidder Walsh Construction for $83.7 millions. The work will include reconstruction of the I-74 from 7th Avenue to the Avenue of the Cities and ramp reconstruction. This is the last of four contracts for the new I-74 bridge
  • Informational meeting in Moline
November 2017
  • 239 drilled shafts in the river.
  • Building of coffer dams started.
  • Slickline bridge built for a pipe to transfer concrete to the piers in the water.
  • Informational meeting in Davenport
  • Construction going on as per schedule
  • Work to be continued through out the winter. No breaks!
December 2017
  • Foundation for abutments.
  • Shafts for Piers in Bettendorf
  • Holiday break
Date Update
January 2018
  • Bridge work on hold due to freezing temperatures and dangerous wind chills
  • Bridge work resumes as temperatures cross above freezing temperatures
  • Special bridge monitoring systems being installed
February 2018
  • Building of piers continues
  • Construction site equipped with active emergency medical care for Bridge workers
  • Adding steel between the abutments on Bettendorf west-bound entrance ramp
  • Adding rebar to the cofferdams to form the footing of the arch piers
March 2018
  • As per contract specifications, all Steel used for the I-74 Bridge must be manufactured in America
  • Bridge bike paths to allow motorized wheel chairs
  • Lane closures on 19th Street
  • Night time lane closures in Bettendorf and Moline
  • Moving dirt along Moline river drive
  • Adding steel on west-bound piers
April 2018
  • Adding curved steel beams (camber) on concrete piers
  • Lane closures in effect
  • Reinforcement steel being added on top of the girders to form a mat of steel for the concrete pour
  • Continuing arch foundations on the the coffer dams in the river
May 2018
  • Work continues amidst river flooding
  • Ramp detours
June 2018
  • I-74 Deck Concrete Pour
  • Night time Lane Closures
July 2018
  • Reopening of 7th Avenue and I-74 ramps
  • Night time ramp closures on Exit 4 to set steel girders for the new I-74 Bridge

Traffic Cams

Find all information about the traffic on the I74 bridge. Check out all the traffic cams before you set out to cross the I74 bridge in the Quad cities.

I74 Bridge construction has become a daily challenge to the residents getting to work and school every morning. The bridge cameras come in handy to make a decision and expect traffic and arrival times. The cameras on the I74 bridge installed by the Department of Transportation are useful for the daily commuters as well in order to monitor the traffic and if required change their route. Watch out for the construction zones and changing cones and lanes! It is suggested to use the zipper merge technique and give some buffer time to reach your destination. Here are some of the useful links to check the live traffic and traffic cameras on the I74 bridge.

I74 Bridge: Live Traffic Cam

View the different live traffic cameras on the I74 bridge to get a real time update. Plan your trip across the I74 bridge and reach on time!


Centennial Bridge Alternate Route

If you see more traffic on the I74 bridge, you can take an alternate route on the Centennial bridge (Now renamed as The Master Sergeant Stanley Talbot Memorial Bridge). Here are the live traffic cameras.


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